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Hi Rise Building

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1 - Canvas Prints – £0.00

Our premium canvas option is 450gsm Breathing Color Chromata White canvas. This has got Archival Quality Certificate issued by Fine Art Trade Guild.

We also have a standard canvas and this is a 450gsm Breathing Color polycotton blend canvas. It is mainly designed for home and office decoration, in application where exceptional longevity offered by Chromata White is not required. Typically this canvas media will still last for decades although with time Optical Brightening Additives will slowly deteriorate and white surface will become more yellow.

On canvas prints the canvas does not stop at the edges of your frame but continues over the top, underneath and around the sides of the frame. You can decide what type of edge you would like for your print.

1 - Wrap around: This is where the image continues around the entire frame.
2 - Black: This gives you a black edge
3 - White: This gives you a white edge


There is a choice of 18mm or 38mm stretcher bars for the frame but with some of the larger images we would reccommend 38mm.

Our canvases are printed using original inks and come with canvas varnish at no extra cost to you.


NOTE: Some images are square and will look better on a square canvas as any other format will result in cropping or in extreme cases a letterbox effect.

NOTE: Be careful when choosing the edge for your canvas. If you choose wrap around then some of the image will be on the sides, top or bottom of the image. So check that this will not ruin your image before ordering. A black or white edge may be preferable.



2 - Photographic prints – £0.00

Our pictures are printed on Fuji Crystal Archive paper using original inks.

We offer a choice of sizes and you can also have them on 10 mm foamback board or have them put on to backing board with a mount around them.

There is also get the choice of Satin or Matt finish to your images at no cost.



Editorial: Images for use in magazines, books, newspapers – £0.00

This is for images to be used editorially in single territory magazines, books, or newspapers.



Editorial: International image use. – £0.00

This is for image use on international magazines. More than on territory.

I will need to see the image in place as well (emailed scan or hard copy)



Electronic Image Purchase – £10.00

This will enable you to purchase a jpeg full version.

This can be for a business or personal use.

You are not allowed to use this image for prints, magazines or to sell in any form.