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Story posted: 29. March 2017 by Jason Sloan

So I have been doing some more scanning of some negatives I have recently aquired and there are some wonderful colour images from the 1950's. I hope to have some of these uploaded soon. I am still working on some black and white images though and I have uploaded some of London. One is of Tower Bridge and the other is of the Festival of Britain in the 1950's. I have some more from the festival and once clean I will upload them soon. These can be found at the begining of the Historical images gallery

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Picture Mysteries.

Story posted: 8. March 2017 by Jason Sloan

One of the most satisfying things after scanning and cleaning up a picture is actually tracking down where it was taken. Thanks to Google and their desire to map out most of the roads on the planet it is a lot easier to go to where a picture was taken or at least get close. This is something that was not possible 10 years ago and many photos remained unknown.

I recently scanned and spent the best part of 3 nights trying to find a street scene with some 18-20 something men playing American Football. I had some shops on the street and though it would be a doddle. But it wasn't. It turned out…

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Scans away.................................

Story posted: 17. July 2015 by Jason Sloan

So, one of the things that I like to do is buy up old negatives. I scan them, clean them up and put them up here on the website. I have quite a backlog of these as I can't seem to stop buying them. I have some from the USA, Planes, and family snaps. The Family images I find most interesting. I have been working through some I bought about 18 months ago which star in the early 30's and finish in the middle 1960's. I have seen a couple start out in life, have holidays, go to family weddings and grow old.

It makes me sad that these pictures no longer mean nothing to anyone. But I suppose that…

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Help please

Story posted: 11. July 2015 by Jason Sloan

News Images
I am looking for some help with an image I have. I like to collect old negatives and scan them and clean/fix them up. Its the history of them I love and a history that could so easily be lost. I have wandered a bit though because I am looking for some help with and Image of a women wearing a uniform in a garden. I cannot seem to identify the uniform so any help would be greatly received.

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