Jason Sloan Photography Terms & Conditions
Terms & Conditions

We are covered by the data protection act and no information supplied by you will be used by us without your written consent. We may wish to use any remarks made by you about our service but will always ask for permission.

Names and addresses will only be stored until the transaction between Jason Sloan photography is concluded. This means that we have received payment and you are satisfied with the image provided. After this all will be shredded (paper) or wiped from our system. We do not send out emails regarding further updates unless requested.

Once a purchase has been made you will have 24 hours in which to change your mind before I send the image requested for printing. This will enable your confirmation email to be sent and for you to have a final check that the correct code has been entered and that the correct picture has been chosen.

If you do wish to change your order it is recommended that you phone rather than email so as to receive an immediate response. If it is outside of office hours please leave a message on the phones answering machine.

The monitor on which you are viewing this page may not be calibrated correctly and therefore may not display the images as they are meant to be.

The computer monitors we use have been calibrated to best match the print out put of the printers we use. I use a piece of kit called SPYDER 3 ELITE to calibrate my monitor to the correct level of colour and brightness. There are cheaper options though DisplayCalibration.com is quite a useful site to achieve this. The monitor that you are viewing these pages on may not be entirely accurate in doing this. There are a number of reasons for this:

1. The screen is grubby or dirty.

2. The monitor is not warmed up. At least 30 minutes should be allowed for this.

3. The monitor is not calibrated.

I would say though that on the whole most monitors will display a fairly good interpretation of the images we provide. But we cannot accept responsibility for this issue which is beyond our control.