News Stories from November 2011

Pictures Galore

Story posted: 23. November 2011 by Jason Sloan

At least it is if you include the ones already in the incoming folder. I have added about 10 new ones today. Most are older ones but there are a couple that were taken only yesterday. I took advantage of the dew laden garden and popped out with the old tripod. Hope you enjoy them.

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Alaska Updates

Story posted: 16. November 2011 by Jason Sloan

I have now finally finished uploading the images from Alaska. You can find the latest ones in the Incoming folder and they will now be there until the end of November before being put into the Alaska folder. There are other images there as well though and that's next.

We have also arranged a launch party for December 14th which is rather exciting. I know we have technically already launched but no ever does that sort of thing on time do they? I hope to have some pictures of that and I suppose I will be expected to take those myself!

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More Alaska Photographs

Story posted: 8. November 2011 by Jason Sloan

I have posted some more Alaska photographs in the New Images gallery. I have been getting some good feedback about these photos so I will concentrate on these for now. Don't forget if you would like some of these on your wall then just click the shopping trolley/cart button when you are viewing the image. They are available on Canvas or Fuji Crystal Archieve photo paper. Enjoy the view

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Trip to Westhay

Story posted: 5. November 2011 by Jason Sloan

I went to Westhay yesterday afternoon to photograph the starlings coming in to roost for the night. This turned out to be a total washout. The rain was pouring down and even sat in the car with the window open it poured in. If the window was shut it steamed up. I gave up in the end but will try again to get some pictures next week. Still uploading images though and there are plenty of photos on the old hard drive so dont forget to take a browse.

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