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Story posted: 29. June 2014 by Jason Sloan

Good Morning. How is the world today? I have been out and about with the camera over the last couple of days taking a few shots. I have to say that there are one or two that might be okay if I am able to do something with them. Sadly most are not really par but the might come in for some stock.

Looks like the weather has cooled off again which is not a moan as I love the fact that it does not stay the same for long. I hope you are enjoying your weekend and have nice things planned for the rest of today.

Have fun!

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Warm Summer Days.

Story posted: 20. June 2014 by Jason Sloan

So here we are, June. The sun is shining and the air is warm. Even the early mornings are warm. These are those summer days that we all dream about on those cold wet winter ones. Sure the football is not so great but Wimbledon is nearly upon us and the strawberries will flow with a nice dollop of clotted cream.

This has notihng to do with photography I know. I have been working on a lot of negatives lately so there is a few more in the historical section. But with all this great weather around I should stop trying to paint nice pictures with words and get out there and take some. Enjoy you…

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A few new pics

Story posted: 11. June 2014 by Jason Sloan

I have changed the slide show that greets you when you first arrive at the website. These are four images I took back in January when somerset had flooding. It is not a nice experience but it does make for some great shots.

I hope you enjoy the pictures but did not endure the effects.


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Exciting Discoveries

Story posted: 11. June 2014 by Jason Sloan

I sit here in my office on a warm(ish) morning and my daughter has decided to redecorate my office by throwing a box of pencils and crayons everywhere. Not really my idea of changing rooms.

This was not the exciting discovery. Whilst sorting through some of the negative I found some slightly blurred pictures of the coronation of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. This may not seem that great to most people but for me to hold in my hand a negative of someone who was there is amazing.

For me these are the images that possibly get lost or thrown away on a daily basis and some contain real gem…

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