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Scans away.................................

Story posted: 17. July 2015 by Jason Sloan

So, one of the things that I like to do is buy up old negatives. I scan them, clean them up and put them up here on the website. I have quite a backlog of these as I can't seem to stop buying them. I have some from the USA, Planes, and family snaps. The Family images I find most interesting. I have been working through some I bought about 18 months ago which star in the early 30's and finish in the middle 1960's. I have seen a couple start out in life, have holidays, go to family weddings and grow old.

It makes me sad that these pictures no longer mean nothing to anyone. But I suppose that…

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Help please

Story posted: 11. July 2015 by Jason Sloan

I am looking for some help with an image I have. I like to collect old negatives and scan them and clean/fix them up. Its the history of them I love and a history that could so easily be lost. I have wandered a bit though because I am looking for some help with and Image of a women wearing a uniform in a garden. I cannot seem to identify the uniform so any help would be greatly received.

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Few new pics up

Story posted: 10. July 2015 by Jason Sloan

I have been putting up some new photographs that have been sitting in limbo waiting to be mad active today. There is not many but they can be found in the historic section of the galleries. There is nothing on the somerset photography front at the moment but soon. There are some waiting to get processed though. I also have a load waiting to be scanned for the Historic section which I think I love even more than taking my own. I love to research them and the fact that they are such a personal snapshot from someones history. Please take a look around and let me know if there is anything good, ba…

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