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Story posted: Saturday, 24. May 2014 by Jason Sloan

It does seem that no matter which way I turn there is a pile of work one way or another sat in front of me. At the moment there is the small matter of keywords for pictures currently on the website. It seems that some were missing or had none at all. This is one of those really boring but vital pieces of work. I would say it's a bit like staring at a tumble dryer in a warm launderette in that eventually I just nod off.

There are lots of pictures being taken at the moment but none finding their way through to the website due to the above but I hope to have some up soon. I also have been working on something which is a passion of mine and that is collecting old negatives. I mainly get these from Ebay and I prefer images that your average Joe Public take as I find these more interesting. I bought some last year which I am still scanning and processing that cover about 40 years of someones life. It's sad that no one wanted them from the family but I hope to clean them up and put some into the historical section. There are some great pictures of building's and whole blocks of buildings, in the case of Birmingham's Victoria square / waterloo street, just gone forever.

I think that digitising these is something importent and I hope to continue adding more to my collection and then to the website.

Well thats what I'm up to anyone else doing anything exciting??

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