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Story posted: Wednesday, 8. March 2017 by Jason Sloan

One of the most satisfying things after scanning and cleaning up a picture is actually tracking down where it was taken. Thanks to Google and their desire to map out most of the roads on the planet it is a lot easier to go to where a picture was taken or at least get close. This is something that was not possible 10 years ago and many photos remained unknown.

I recently scanned and spent the best part of 3 nights trying to find a street scene with some 18-20 something men playing American Football. I had some shops on the street and though it would be a doddle. But it wasn't. It turned out to be Lafayette street. To be in possession of a piece of history such as this makes me feel happy. I know it is not a piece of History like capturing the D-Day Landings or a famous sporting event but those things are covered by lots of people.

It is the little things that people like to look back on and those everyday things that we do which will be of equal interest in years to come. Hopefully the images I have scanned and place here will be thought of in that way.

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